Programs at The Conservancy

The Creature Conservancy offers custom programs at our location that meet the needs of school-aged and adult groups. (We also have programs designed specifically for preschool and kindergarten groups.) Our classroom can comfortably accommodate 25-30 people. Because some of our animals cannot travel off-site, bringing your group to our classroom provides the greatest opportunity to meet and learn about the widest variety of animals.

For schools and other school-aged groups such as scouts, the educational experience is best when presentations are tailored to the specific interests of the audience. Our experienced educators will by happy to help you design a program that supports your curriculum or has a particular theme. If you don't have a specific plan, here are some ideas:

Animals Down Under - meet some of our most popular animals from the opposite side of the planet.

Rainforest Fieldtrip - explore the different layers of the rainforest while we look at animals from the emergent layer, canopy, understory, forest floor and the rivers and streams.

Creatures of the Night - visit the unseen world of nocturnal animals.

African Safari - go on safari without your passport and meet some very cool African animals!


The following gallery shows animals available for presentation to school-aged and adult groups. For preschool and kindergarten groups, please see the lower section of photos and FAQs.

Programs at The Creature Conservancy

FAQs for school-aged groups and adults:

What age range are your programs appropriate for? With the appropriate selection of animals and by adjusting the depth of information, our presenters can tailor programs to be appropriate for 1st graders through seniors.

Do you have any options for preschool and kindergarten groups? Yes! We set aside weeks in our calendar especially for our younger visitors. Please see below for preschool/kindergarten options!

Why are the programs different for school-aged kids versus preschool/kindergarten? For the safety of our audiences and our animals, and in the interest of presenting quality educational programs, we cannot do presentations with the full selection of animals for children under the age of six. more...

What if our group is larger than 30 people? Our presentations work best for groups no larger than 30, but we can consider other options. Let us know your needs when you submit an inquiry (see below).

What days and times are available for events? We're fairly flexible - let us know what works best for your group. We typically schedule programs 6-8 weeks in advance, so the sooner you get in touch, the better the chance that we'll be able to accommodate your preference.

Is there space available for our group to have its meeting, additional activities, and/or refreshments after the presentation? Yes, there may be a nominal fee for the use of the kitchenette and the adjoining meeting room - please inquire.

Are there other animals we can visit while we're on site? There are usually animals on outdoor display during the day including the goats, pony, horses, rabbits, Arctic fox, wild turkey, and peafowl.

Are tours available? Yes. See our Visit - Tours page if you would like to plan a tour guided by one of our instructors.

Are there restrooms available? Yes, and they are handicap accessible.

What parking is available? There is parking right in front of the building, as well as ample room for buses to turn around and park behind the building.

Is the building handicap-accessible? Yes it is. The presentation rooms are on the ground floor and the sidewalk is ramped from the parking lot to the door.

What does this unique experience cost? Click on the Program Planner to see the fees and make an inquiry. There is a minimum charge of $150 per program.

Program Planner

Programs at The Creature Conservancy

We can schedule your preschool/kindergarten field trip during these weeks:

FAQs for groups from preschools and kindergartens:

Tell me more about your Preschool/Kindergarten Programs! For preschool (age 2.5+) and kindergarten groups, we schedule a 2-hour block of time. We begin with a 30-minute presentation of 3-4 of our amazing animals, including at least one that the kids get to touch. The fun and excitement continues with animal-themed activities, stories, and a time for snacks. (Snacks must be provided by your group.) Each child will remember the outing with an animal craft they make and take home.

What time of day are these programs available? Most groups prefer to come in the morning. We can get started as early as 9am or as late as 10am. Afternoon visits are also possible.

Can we bring toddlers to these programs? These programs are designed for kids aged 2.5 and over. For the safety of the children and the animals, we are not able to accommodate groups of younger children for this type of program.

Which animals do we get to see? We choose 3 or 4 animals appropriate for the age group you are bringing. Examples of animals you might get to meet are in the photo section under "Preschool and Kindergarten Programs".

How much does this cost? There is a minimum charge of $225 that allows for up to 15 children. Over 15 children, we charge $5 per additional child.

Is there a limit to the size of the group we bring? Yes - for the best quality experience, we restrict the size of the groups to no more than 20 children.

How many adults should come with the group? We recommend at least a 1:4 adult:child ratio. Assistance from the teacher(s) and chaperones during crafts and activities will be needed. With appropriate supervision and guidance from their teachers and chaperones, the kids will get much more from their visit!

How long does it take to get our program scheduled? Not long, once you've filled out the Preschool/Kindergarten Planner form. We typically schedule programs several weeks in advance, so the sooner you get in touch, the better the chance that we'll be able to accommodate your preference.

After we've successfully scheduled our visit, do we need to do anything to get ready? It would be helpful to explain to the children prior to your visit that they will be seeing live, wild animals during the first part of the program. We will need the group to be relatively quiet and attentive while the animals are being presented.

My child doesn't attend preschool - are there other programs offered for families with preschool-aged children? Yes - please see our Kids and Creatures program! Kids and Creatures is a series of six two-hour sessions very similar to our Preschool/Kindergarten Programs, but for children and their parents/caregivers. We generally offer two six-week sessions during the year.

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