Events at Your Location

The Creature Conservancy is able to take many of our animals to libraries, nature centers, churches, schools, universities and other gathering points in the community, typically within Washtenaw County.  We also create cool programs for corporate events by bringing our "zoo" to you!

These presentations and displays are most often designed for large groups of people during special events. Having The Creature Conservancy bring live animals to your indoor venue is a great way to spark interest and create a very memorable occasion.

We offer two options when we bring our animals to your location. We can give an active presentation for a seated audience at your venue with some of our larger animal ambassadors or we can set up a stationary display of smaller animals if that is more appropriate for your event.

Reading the FAQs below and filling out the Event Planner form will help us get started planning with you!


These are some of the animals available for presentation at your event:

(Click on a thumbnail to see full photo and the name and species of each animal. Please see the Event Planner form for a complete list of animals available.)

Events at Your Location FAQs:

What's the difference between a presentation and a display?

Our Active Presentations are designed for a sit-down audience at a scheduled event on your premises: we introduce one animal at a time, tailoring the information to the group, whether it's 50 first-graders, a group of college zoology students, visitors to a science museum, or residents at a senior center. For each animal, an in-depth narration is followed by a question-and-answer period, and where possible, a hands-on opportunity before moving on to the next animal.

Our Stationary Displays are more appropriate for indoor events where the participants are moving about over a period of time, such as a school science night, a Science Olympiad, or an open house at a nature center. The live displays are attended by our knowledgeable staff for the duration of the event.

How big an audience can you do Active Presentations for?  That depends on a number of variables.  The venue, age of participants and the animals chosen all affect the size of the group we feel comfortable accommodating.  With large groups, the normal hands-on interactions are typically eliminated and “Q & A” time will likely be limited.  Keep in mind that the depth and quality of the experience decrease as the audience size increases.

Can you come to our outdoor event if we have tents or other shelter? For the health and safety of the animals, we present only indoors when we travel to other locations.

When can we schedule a visit by the Conservancy’s animals?  Fall is the very best time to plan these events because our spring and summer schedule tends to be very full.  We avoid scheduling off-site presentations from December through February because of the potential for poor road conditions.  Although we will schedule events during these months, we will also may need to cancel on short notice if there is any chance of getting caught on the roads with live animals during bad winter weather conditions.

Do you ever take your animals beyond Washtenaw County for presentations?  Rarely: the list of species that can comfortably travel distances for programs is short.  Depending on your requirements, however, we will certainly consider your request.

What is the cost for these events?  We need a fair amount of information before we can give you an exact quote, but you’ll get an approximation while you fill out the Event Planner inquiry below.

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