One summer day a visitor to The Creature Conservancy asked lots and lots of questions about our rescued and abandoned birds he referred to as "McCalls". Little did he know we'd name their new paradise "McCalls of the Wild" - so appropriate when you hear them screech!

It's a lot more pleasant when they talk, however, and several of our birds have quite a vocabulary. Luckily, we've never heard anything we wouldn't repeat over the dinner table!

On warm days, all seven of our rescued macaws are in their completed bamboo jungle in front of our main Conservancy building. Fred, a blue and gold macaw, and his girlfriend Rico, a green-winged macaw, share one perch. Josh, a military macaw, spends his days with Misha who is a blue-throated macaw. Spike is generally on his own: this scarlet macaw is not particularly fond of any of the others. Levi, perhaps our friendliest bird, is another green-winged macaw and she shares her space with another female, Guapo, who is another scarlet.

On cold days, all seven birds are on their indoor perches in our developing walk-through area. Keep track of our open hours and come see them when you can!