Wildlife Park - Hours & Seasons

Come to The Creature Conservancy at Copper Leaf Crossing to see a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals. Visits are free of charge, but donations are very much appreciated.

You are welcome to walk around the campus to visit the animals. Hours are 10am-6pm weekdays, and 10am-2pm Saturdays. We are currently not open on Sundays.

During the opening hours of Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital, you may buy food cones to feed to the barnyard animals. Please do not offer this food to the other animals, or bring food items from home to feed the animals.

Keep in mind that not all of our animals are on display all of the time. This is especially true during the cold months, when we take them inside for warmth. Currently the animals on display include the owls, emus, Arctic fox, chickens, turkeys, goats, rabbits, and pony. The peafowl are free-range.

On hot summer days, you're likely to see more animals if you come by in the mornings.

Visit our gallery page for photos of the animals you may be able to visit.