Indoor Hours

Enjoy a visit to The Creature Conservancy - we are open to the public for indoor/outdoor visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm - 5:00pm (and for outdoor visits 7 days a week - see below for details)!

Every weekend you can meet and learn about many fascinating creatures. Poco the sloth is our featured animal for the month of January! He will be out on the Stone Stage every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 and 4:00. Arrival by 1:45 or 3:45 is advised if you'd like to see the presentation.

Saturday and Sunday presentations* for January include:

    • 1:30 cougar feeding
    • 2:00 Featured animal on the Stone Stage - Poco, the sloth
    • 2:30 cougar playtime
    • 3:00 tamandua presentation
    • 3:30 armadillo presentation
    • 4:00 Featured animal on the Stone Stage - Poco, the sloth
    • 4:30 cougar feeding

*Occasionally a substitution may need to be made. Any changes will be noted here.


More animal ambassadors are also on display, many indoors and some outdoors! See the binturongs, kangaroos, piranhas, raven, craven, warthogs, giant tortoises, arctic foxes, alligator, muntjac deer, spurred tortoise, crested porcupines, macaws, emus, eagle owls, alligator snapping turtle, kookaburra,wild turkeys, peafowl, black swans, barnyard animals and more during your visit.

And watch our progress as we complete new enclosures for even more of our amazing creatures!

Open Hours:

Saturdays and Sundays

1pm - 5pm  


Admission prices:

Children (ages 2-12) - $6

Adults (ages 13+) - $8



See above for full schedule for the afternoon--

and see below for upcoming featured animals!


Poco, the sloth!
Feature presentation each open day
at 2:00pm and 4:00pm
on the Stone Stage


Our address is 4950 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Parking is in our main parking lot, shared with Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital and Creature Comforts Bed & Bath. (If the lot is full, please park single file on the south side of the parking lot along the curb.) Follow the signs along the sidewalk from there back to our main building, and enter through the front door. Visitors with limited mobility may drive all the way back to our main building and park there for easier access.

Cash, check, and card all accepted.


Outdoor Display Animals

Visit our outdoor display animals from 10am - 6pm (or dusk, whichever is earlier), seven days a week! Please note, however, that not all of our animals are on display all of the time. This is especially true during the cold months, when we take them inside for warmth.

The animals on display may include the emus, black swans*, arctic foxes, turkey vultures*, black vultures*, cravens*, muntjac, macaws*, wild turkey, peafowl, goat, horses, miniature horse, and miniature donkeys.

April 1st through October 31st: admission to visit just the outdoor animals is $2/person payable at our gift shop opposite the barking deer enclosure. If the shop is unattended, please use the self-pay envelopes at the green gate. Keep your colored ticket with you as you visit, and turn it in to a staff member for a hand stamp during your visit.

November 1st - March 31st: admission to visit the outdoor animals is free, due to the limited number of animals who overwinter in outdoor enclosures.

(Admission on weekends for our indoor animals and presentations includes the outdoor displays, too!)

Visit our gallery page for photos of the animals you may be able to view!

*seasonal - on display during summer months and/or warm weather

Look forward to seeing these animals featured in the upcoming months!
crested porcupine
Bedhead and Lady Gaga, the crested porcupines
Arthur, the emu
Tulip and Maybelline, the red kangaroos